25 Absolutely Amazing Things You Can Do Today to Build for Tomorrow

1. Have faith

2. Get busy

3. Exude positivity

4. Surround yourself with amazing people

5. Boldly introduce yourself to someone new

6. Smile

7. Give a compliment

8. Pay it forward; help someone else stuck in a rut

9. Say Thank You

10. Be grateful

11. Be honest

12. Get out there

13. Share

14. Take initiative in one area

15. Finish the last project you started

16. Tell someone you love them

17. Forgive

18. Laugh

19. Share coffee or a meal with someone you been distant from

20. Send an encouraging email, note or make a phone call. 

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Prayers for the Career Confused #2 - Joy

Hmmm…but what does joy have to do with my confusion?  Everything.  The ability to see light in any situation is the ultimate joy experience.  It makes challenging circumstances more bearable.  It makes life worth living.  Joy.  Unceasing, unabashed joy.  The joy that puts a smile on your face even while you’re asking “what should I do?” 

Dear God,

Your word says that you give people joy at the work of their hands.  So, I’m asking for joy.  I may not know specifically how to get where You desire for me to go, but I know that being joyful on the journey is essential.  So, today I ask you for unceasing, unmitigated joy.  The kind of joy that is nearly palpable.  Saturate me with Your joy today, Lord.  Thank you.  Amen. 

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You are stronger than you know.

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Prayers for the career confused #1-Honesty

We don’t talk about it enough.  We spend our time encouraging ourselves.  We remind ourselves of our potential, and we try to focus on what we intend to accomplish.  Yet, if truth be told, we are often confused.  We are uncertain about our next step.  We are unsure if we’re headed in the right direction.  We may have invested a great deal of time and money into our current endeavor, but it doesn’t quell the confusion.

A prayer of honesty

Dear God,

I am confused.  I am unsure if my current direction is the right direction.  I am scared.  I am doubtful.  I am weak.  I know there’s a bigger picture, but it doesn’t stop my constant uncertainty.  I may seem as if I have it all neatly packaged, but I don’t.  I lay this truth bare before You, because I recognize I am weak, but You are powerful and everything binds together at your command.   I thank You for allowing me to be honest and lay myself bare before you.  Amen. 

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Parachutes allowed!

Striving for what you believe you were designed to contribute to this planet without a plan of some sort is akin to jumping from a plane without a parachute.  It’s terrifying and quite frankly stupid.  You know the end will be disastrous. 

Nope.  I prefer a parachute. Taking the leap is a risky venture nonetheless, but with the proper safety measures in place.   Developing our whole professional selves is very similar to skydiving with our parachutes securely in place.  We’re prepared.  We’ve planned.  We leap with our eyes wide open.  Yes.  I’m ready for this new, albeit scary moment in my professional life.  I’ve prepared.  I’m ready.  I’m excited and terrified.

Here’s to taking smart, thoughtful risks!

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